"Face to Face in the Dohyo: Brazilian Sumo Wrestler" in Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor

Two brothers compete with other sumo wrestlers for spots on Brazil's national sumo team. Yoshi and Taka Higuchi were born and raised in Brazil, where the world's largest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan resides. This documentary was completed under the Lund Grant from Medill School of Journalism, by Kerri Pang and Stephanie Fuerte. We did the original reporting from Chicago, and with the personal story of the Higuchi brothers, showed a glimpse of the Japanese Brazilian community in Sao Paulo. 

"My Quarter-Life Cancer," a 3-part documentary for TouchVision

Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor

Brianna Wellen was diagnosed with cancer the day after Easter 2015, just before her 25th birthday. During such a vulnerable period of attempting adulthood, how does one manage to survive, and thrive, such a daunting diagnosis? Follow Brianna over six months as her aggressive treatment pushes her to her limits -- physically, financially and mentally. 

"The Great Khmer American Rapper," a short documentary by Kerri Pang and Katherine Nagasawa

Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor

Busboy by night and community organizer by day, Cambodian American Johnny Yoeun is laying the groundwork for a hip hop activism movement in his Uptown, Chicago neighborhood. The film explores Johnny's nuanced identity, and each day is a balance -- as a young activist, a former gang-banger, a son of refugee parents and a key voice in Chicago's Asian American community. Ultimately, his story is one of transformation, from a life of violence on the streets to one that empowers his fragmented community through the art of hip hop. 

1st Place, Northwestern 2014 Creative Arts festival

"Chinatown Complex," a film by Persistent Productions

Roles: Co-Producer, co-shooter, co-editor

The first hints of color appear in the sky, and Ang Teck Hoe stoops over his truck, chopping knife in hand —ready to break down blocks of ice for the wet market. Across the street, white haired men gather around games of Chinese chess, and the Kopitiam begins bustling with orders for coffee and kaya toast. Red lanterns punctuate shop signage and herbal smells of Chinese medicine waft down the street. As the hours pass, tourists mix in the throngs of people and eagerly consume these sights.

This is Singapore’s Chinatown.