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Playing With Fire Heals Victims Of Gun Violence

Trans Teen Cheerleader Prepares to Face the World

Living in a transit desert

From prison to owning a yoga studio

Asian Refugees In Chicago Farm For A Taste Of Home

Andy And His Service Dog Overcome Challenges Of Autism Together

Inside Fat Rice: a sneak peek at their new cookbook

How Queer Muslim activist Naomi Anurag Lahiri celebrated Ramadan and Pride Month

Why Hops Matter to Goose Island's Brewmaster

Young Singaporeans Are Giving Migrant Workers A Voice

For AJ+

Migrant workers in Singapore don't have to be invisible. Meet Kenji Kwok, a Singaporean documentary photographer who co-founded Familiar Strangers, an online campaign to give low-wage migrant workers in Singapore a voice. The group shares personal stories of migrant workers, who make up about one-fifth of the city's population.

Face to Face in the Dohyo: Brazilian sumo wrestlers

Featured on CNN

Two brothers compete with other sumo wrestlers for spots on Brazil's national sumo team. Yoshi and Taka Higuchi were born and raised in Brazil, where the world's largest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan resides. 

"With technology I didn't have to sell my body."


As a openly trans woman of color, Angelica Ross says her only options were to work as a showgirl or sex worker. Instead, she taught herself technical skills. Now she’s created an internship program to mentor other trans people.

Young, high achieving and mentally ill


Young Asian American women have the highest rates of depressive symptoms of any racial/ethnic or gender group, but cultural stigma surrounding mental illness has left communities ill-equipped to support those who are coping.

My Quarter-Life Cancer

Brianna Wellen was diagnosed with cancer the day after Easter 2015, just before her 25th birthday. During such a vulnerable period of attempting adulthood, how does one manage to survive, and thrive, such a daunting diagnosis? Watch the full 3-part documentary here.

The Great Khmer American Rapper

Busboy by night and community organizer by day, Cambodian American Johnny Yoeun is laying the groundwork for a hip hop activism movement in his Uptown, Chicago neighborhood. He is a young activist, a former gang-banger, a son of refugee parents and a key voice in Chicago's Asian American community. 

Eat burgers, save bison

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A corporate chef at Ted's Montana Grill shows us how to prepare a tasty bison burger.

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