Brand Storytelling

'Building Partnerships, Creating Futures'

Client: Manufacturing Renaissance

Manufacturing Renaissance wanted to tell the story of how their program is radically changing communities one student at a time. They wanted to create a 'signature video' for the organization that would carry the viewer through MR's history, what they do, and their powerful vision for the future. The videos were used to recruit more students and fundraise for the organization. 


Careers at Sprout

As a video producer at Sprout Social, one of the first few projects I took lead of was creating Sprout's Culture video. From interviewing employees across the organization, to filming company events and milestones, we produced a video that told the story of Sprout, its values, and its people. 



Client: Big Bad Bettie Press

Big Bad Bettie Press is an independent publisher founded in 2015. When they launched their first annual curated journal Rabbit Rabbit, they wanted a short video to showcase the book on social media and their website.  




"The Movement" 

Client: Striding Lion Performance Group

Striding Lion ran an educational residency at Higgins Community Academy in Chicago -- working with students through dance, theater, and music. I stepped in to help them document their original songs, dances, and performance scenes, culminating into a final product that was screened at their local neighborhood community center. Watch the preview here.  

"Dr. Faustus"

Client: Striding Lion Performance Group

As a part of their 2016 production of Dr. Faustus, Striding Lion wanted to document their scenes and songs through video. I filmed each scene and song performance of the interactive theater production. Here's a quick preview of some of their scenes.

Chicago Jewish Day School 2016 Admissions Video

Client: CJDS

In preparation for their new school year, CJDS wanted to create a compelling video that will showcase their school's unique and rigorous education curriculum. I shot and produced this 2016 Admissions Video, and helped craft a storyline that powerfully portrays the young, bright students of CJDS.