For steak lovers, a new tender cut

Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor 

From his butcher shop in Skokie, Jerry Roberts shows us the flat iron - a tender cut from the beef shoulder. With more than 50 years of experience in the meat business, he talks through the different steak cuts and how one can choose a good steak.


Raising a pet pig in Chicago

Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor 

Chicago residents Matthew and Jennifer Folino were close to giving up their 2-year-old pet pig "Linus" after running into multiple challenges in finding a new home.


Making a 'bierock' with Pleasant House Bakery

Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor 

Pleasant House Bakery chef and owner Chelsea Jackson shares her mother's recipe for bierocks. We step into their kitchen and learn about how to make the meat pie, a pastry that was brought over by European immigrants.


Tilt and Ledge: creating memories for Chicagoan kids

Roles: Shooter, Producer, Editor

John Hancock Tower's Tilt and Willis Tower's Ledge are two of many other classic Chicagoan attractions. We explore both sites through the eyes of Tribune reporter Wendy Donahue's 8-year-old daughter and her friends.

Letterpress, apprenticeship, and dying trades

Paul Aken calls himself a 'different kind of apple.' A 73-year-old man who persists in teaching the art of letterpress to younger apprentices, the printer has been working with letterpress since he was a little boy.


Remarkable Women: Yuan-Qing Yu, Chicago Symphony Orchestra violinist